Fresh electricity providers how to make life more healthy fresh

recently the fresh market is raging like a storm with the electricity supplier of all kinds of promotional activities, as well as rampant electricity supplier Festival, fresh electricity market tempted more and more enterprises have entered the hot, fresh electricity market, become a new competitor in electricity market, fresh electricity supplier development is different from the general business and operation mode, fresh electricity supplier in the need of real time follow up the frozen industrial chain and the corresponding logistics system, which to a great extent on limiting the development of the electricity supplier of fresh, fresh electricity so how to use their own industrial advantages will power logistics and marketing mode make corresponding adjustment has become an important part of the development of fresh electricity supplier, only the most fresh market thoroughly and well these links and industrial chain can the consumer life become a slice of fresh and fresh electricity supplier in the market.


fresh fighting

fresh market due to supply chain and logistics and other reasons in the early era of Internet economy can not get very good development, but now the Internet economy has been in the era of rapid, more and more business models and business by the impact of the Internet, have to face the transformation of the Internet economy, more and more domestic enterprises and even fresh agricultural product enterprises began to enter the fresh market, according to the 58 media advertising alliance data show that in 2013 fresh business transactions 13 billion yuan, an increase of 221%, cold chain delivery scale of 3 billion 900 million yuan, is expected to 2016 this year, the scale of fresh electricity supplier transactions 7 times the growth space, driven by cold chain delivery market 6 times growth. Conservative fresh electricity supplier is expected to grow 100% this year, sales will reach $26 billion, after two years of growth were 100%, 75%, sales of up to 52 billion 100 million. Obviously, the development prospects of the fresh food market is quite broad, and a series of business including I bought the food network, as well as LETV, have entered the fresh electricity supplier industry, which makes the whole market in this year’s unusually hot, the Internet economy and feudal lords vying for the throne, becoming a rising new field.

fresh electricity supplier business model

The rapid development of

fresh business lies in its business strategy and business model innovation, a lot of fresh electricity made vertical business model, through their own inherent industry chain and logistics chain, some innovative fusion of freezing technology will better display fresh electricity suppliers in the logistics and distribution advantages, at the same time, some electricity providers also actively carry out the user experience of the promotion and convenient service, by streamlining the process for simple processing of fresh, cooking through some simple tips for consumer convenience, the fresh electricity supplier market towards small and fine direction, although these changes is to solve the problem, the development of fresh market but in order to keep a foothold in the fresh electricity supplier, is probably more difficult, "no three God sand, not even Xi qi", Electricity supplier business model should be directed toward the online and offline drainage, better meet the needs of consumers, and thus innovation.