Ali Jin Jian hang three issues are not resolved will destroy the Alibaba


technology news March 28th evening news, in the 2015 Boao forum for Asia "Electronic Commerce: integration of online and offline sub forum, Alibaba President Jin Jianhang said" fake "and" infringement of intellectual property rights "and" press speculation "these three issues need to be resolved, otherwise it will destroy the Alibaba platform.

Kim is talking about the quality of electricity supplier when making the above statement. He pointed out that to change the quality of Internet products, first of all to ensure that each consumer needs to meet the different needs of the Internet through big data. In this process, the key is to ensure the quality. He believes that there are three things for the Alibaba will be destroyed by this platform, fake issues, intellectual property issues and the issue of hype news.

he said Ali is fake spare no effort to do work. He said Ali last year with China’s law enforcement agencies seized 1000 cases of infringement of intellectual property rights and criminal gangs, arrested the more than and 400, but also destroyed the line of the production and sale of fake common point more than and 200. "The Alibaba today we still believe that as long as related to the fake budget without limit", he said.

for the future of e-commerce, Jin Jianhang believes that has just begun. He said the data show that the global online retail sales accounted for only 10% of the proportion of social retail sales in 2020 is expected to not more than 20%, which means that there are more than 80% of consumer spending online. He referred to the trend of the future or to the Internet and retail, this concept seems to be now more fire a "Internet plus". (Wen Dao)

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