Countries pushing NC multilingual domain name

recently, in Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) at the NICWORLD conference, China, Germany, Britain, Japan, Korea, Singapore, the United States Internet Network Information Center (NIC), reached consensus on promoting the development of multilingual domain name, pushing the development of multilingual domain names, marks the launch of non English speaking countries challenge to the dominant position in the field of Internet English.

with the development of multilingual domain name implementation, Chinese.CN, Japanese.JP and Mü multilingual domain name llers.DE with all suffixes and unique symbols and pure English domain with rival.

CNNIC launched in January 18, 2000 Chinese.CN domain name service, currently has two Internet domain name Chinese international technical standards, also won the global mainstream browser support, and in a large area of all levels of government website promotion. China Internet Network Information Center Director Mao Wei introduction, the next two years, most of the major sites will use Chinese.CN domain name, the formation of the Chinese Internet users in the majority of.CN domain name habits.

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