Beijing search for cultural and Creative ndustries Fund free support

recently, "give me ten seconds to give you the whole of Beijing" as the slogan of the Beijing search site, get a lot of money free of Beijing cultural and creative fund support, according to informed sources, the amount of more than 10 million.

Beijing search ( is the Beijing Daily Newspaper Group Holdings, the Beijing public service for the practical information search site. By virtue of the web site services free of charge, was identified as the only public website of life information in Beijing. The main site is for the people of Beijing and visitors to Beijing, and the upcoming Olympic Games service, is the first case of similar sites in Beijing, which is also in line with the cultural and creative "from the creative or cultural accumulation, the formation of intellectual property and application, with the creation of wealth and employment potential, and promote the whole life to improve the environment of industry." Originally, it was named class a innovation projects, and receive funds free support.

is reported that the upcoming Beijing search on December 12th on-line, the news is not reported in the media trend. But after the reporter visits, this news is true. Beijing search official said the inconvenience to disclose the specific amount of funds. However, according to informed sources, the amount of more than ten million funds.

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