Personal website, no flow to make money

is writing this title. Many people click into the view is very curious. Individual station does not flow what to make money, it seems impossible, and now I tell you, this is entirely possible. Many webmaster think. Web site to make money, start from traffic. In fact, this is a misunderstanding, the site to make money is not from the beginning of traffic. But start with the brand.

personal webmaster best way to pull traffic is nothing more than QQ ad group. The forum, which means it is throwing money, can play a certain role, but the need to invest a lot of manpower and financial resources.

recently in the DONEWS. Pang appeared a lot of frequency, and its own BLOG recruitment also hit China’s first. Every company has also praised the new people coming in on the BLOG, and the most eye-catching is the "join us, 3 years, you are expected to become a millionaire, the pang of QQ overcrowding," land of idyllic beauty, high pay, high salary, boss of the legend ", attract everyone’s attention. Pang is a very sharp, very understanding of the new-new generation, and his right-hand man is good at TU network marketing master, and in BLOG it’s love of zhouyi. In Chinese little that IT is good at Yi physiognomy.

careful people can be found, this is a kind of brand marketing strategy, in 2004 the fire of Dao Lang, Long Pang, the smell of its people first heard the sound of the strategy, songs in the network quickly became popular, they are selling off, regardless of criticism or praise, they are a fire, by the way the fake "knife Lang" said a fire robbery, also came along for the ride. These quickly became popular singer from the beginning of the heard and not seen, to the end of the frequent appearances in the media, interviews, concerts, publicity, gossip, speculation, and misfits before low-key style, showing its marketing strategy.

whether it is a traditional industry or the emerging IT network, we have to pay attention to brand marketing. Learn how to sell yourself and get the most out of the least cost.

9FLASH Yang Tao, a 9flash flow is how to practice the "articles, many webmaster read, not only their own 9FLASH brand marketing. But also increased the flow of the site. What he wrote is what we like. Yang Tao is a very clever man, he has long been focused on their own website brand marketing, the original site to their own slogan, playing "love you like a mouse love rice," he wrote his experience out. Has been recognized by everyone in the hearts of readers with a mark. His brand will naturally rise. And his articles in major media outlets, including Sina, otherwise, how can a personal webmaster get a Japanese funded enterprises hundreds of.

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