nternet giant opens new opportunities for entrepreneurs!

Abstract: Internet giants have entered the field of intelligent wearable, and launched an open platform, on the one hand can help hardware manufacturers to accelerate the combination of hardware and software product development speed, can achieve sales "through-train" commitment, on the other hand the product is still in development, but also greatly reduced the market pressure. In this environment, who can get the first Internet giant open platform technology, market and even financial support, the key to the success of intelligent wearable manufacturers.

May 6th, Sogou CEO, the company’s independent director Wang Xiaochuan revealed by micro-blog, as the traditional dating site Jiayuan will be involved in the field of intelligent equipment, push wearable products! Even dating sites are a smart Wearable air turned technology enterprises visible how strong the wind is


CES of the United States in 2014 known as the wearable exhibition, the major manufacturers are the priority among priorities of wearable products as the layout, in addition to SONY, Samsung, LG and other consumer electronics manufacturers, including Intel, Qualcomm, MediaTek and other chip manufacturers, the company involved in the scale product line covers a wide range of first-line manufacturers to focus on wearable devices segments of the start-up companies such as Pebble and Fitbit smart Bracelet manufacturers.

A number of manufacturers

Samsung, SONY, Tuman, shell electron, reflecting interest in science and technology, have launched smart watches products, Baidu has launched 360 bracelet, breath launched dulife-TCL BoomBand dulife-picooc health bracelet, Latin intelligent body fat tester and a variety of intelligent wearable products, wearable devices on the market is pushed in the teeth of the storm.

Apple Corp is also in the development of smart watches iWatch, multi prediction is likely to be available by the end of 2014. Once Apple wearable device is expected to be launched, the wearable market pushed to new heights, so as to drive the entire industry explosive growth. According to the latest Business insider is expected, the current global wearable market size of about $3 billion to $5 billion in the next two to three years will grow to a huge market of $30 billion to $50 billion.

wearable device is a hot spot for investment, according to the statistics of capital laboratory, cutting-edge and hot areas of investment transactions 2013 annual hardware innovation since 123, to disclose the transaction amount of $1 billion 440 million, can be used as a wearable device hardware innovation the biggest hot spots, trading volume reached 64, the transaction amounted to $560 million; among them, focusing on health / medical the function of wearable technology financing amounted to $188 million, the general wearable technology in the amount of $372 million financing. Smart UP wristband manufacturer Jawbone get $250 million investment in February, Fitbit also received a $43 million investment in March 11th, the domestic plump Bracelet successfully the 60 million B round of financing.

smart wearable products, however, is not as easy as imagined.

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