Entrepreneurship (1) a simple way to make their own happy


I have the desire to express, I have the ability to write. These words are only related to my desires.


in May 2012, when I was 30, I started a company.

and before that, I worked in a foreign company for 4 years, the position to do business architect, salary is rich, the average annual flight of 40 thousand km, a month in the United States to bask in the sun in California. The company went public in 2011.

has been in the company for 4 years, the position is getting higher and higher, the salary is getting better and better, the thing is less and less, but I am more and more confused. The old club is the best company I’ve ever stayed in, and the 4 years I’ve been growing up for the last 4 years, but it’s been too long for the past 4 years.

read the "ideal", read such a paragraph.

Lara said: "if possible, I want to live life, do not have to worry about ppt excel in the annex, and not to Li Weidong, in fact, for me, it is really tiring tired heart, I am not good at it, I was willing to work, but I don’t love my work is forced, do not love the rhythm of my work is not my control, but this is not my personal problem, you see, the slave society why productivity is particularly low? This shows from another angle, if people can be independent, efficiency must be higher, society can progress express."

xinyouqiqi yan. Even as the technical staff, but also empathy. Even if I have a very good boss, but after all, the time is too long, the company is too big. And I want to know, I prefer simple.

boss asked me for the last time, "what can I do for you?". Like anywhere, there are people who hate me, and more people like me, but like Jin Yong said in a novel: "it’s all very good, but I don’t like it."

I don’t have a bunch of love in the computer can’t let the other people see the payroll and the performance appraisal document; not love constantly on the Outlook and on the other side of the ocean with English approached flicker and quarrel; not love constantly pondering how to use BCC mail; not love repeated the CC someone’s boss; not love in the system to produce the various ticket every day and then go to the person in charge of coercion push; love does not get up at midnight to call in and open a bunch of people do not know the so-called ""……

so I chose to leave. Goodbye, workplace.

and my friends here, this company is really good, I believe you can find their own happiness here. I just love with a hand crank.

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