The dog from QQ and 360 dogs speaking of the Chinese Wangzhuan shameless depravity

1: Tencent 360 dog bite dog


and 360 by the Tencent, after the upgrade to slobber war strike violently, Tencent requires all QQ users to uninstall 360 software, if not unloaded, then do not use QQ. It was the day of the presidential election in the United States, where Americans chose between two parties. Chinese people in the two rogue software to choose a rogue software.

have seen a lot of people shameless countenance, but a respected company shameless is really rare, that day I saw a return.

all-powerful Tencent Inc regardless of the interests of the people, will be hundreds of millions of Taiwan people computer into your own personal gain of the battlefield, affected us countless people’s study and work, but the Tencent have no shame to tell us this is done for our users. But behind all this evil, we should see the agency should work, and did not come out to protect the interests of the majority of vulnerable Internet users.

Tencent and 360 rogue on the Internet reflects the China feudal lords vying for the throne, shameless depravity of internet. Then we can clean Wangzhuan market where


two: how many "3Q"

around us

we are now very active social economy, we are making money. Selling rice will sell to the black meters of the quilt, the quilt will sell black cotton to buy to sell oil, sell the oil will be sold to sell rice drainage oil. Really good, turn around and come back, have made money, social wealth has been effectively increased, but also pulled the GDP.

online market is more active, because people are more interested in the heap to follow suit, so as to provide a platform for the exchange of numerous Tencent Taobao Baidu buys, every day of every hue various exchange group constantly interact with all kinds of garbage information, crooks skip meals, desperately suck money in order to make various projects, the ignorance of Internet users money set to go use unscrupulous divisive tactics. In this case, on the one hand is the cheats the number of money to gain a complete victory, hire a large number of Internet users are ignorant.

so, click on the hook from the lowest level of cheating registration, to the high point of the Taobao store, and then to the high point of the SEO site to make money, have formed a bluff and deceive atmosphere, and the atmosphere is ingrained. The atmosphere caused in Wangzhuan newcomers, one hundred people have 99.5 to deceive.

In this study

behind the rules of the game, we can see many newcomers or suffer in the end of the Internet, because of the lack of experience, they have become the people the meat on the chopping board.

three: who broke the unspoken rules

has been in the Internet market and we Wangzhuan team, they have the responsibility and the obligation to give us the majority of the network to provide a new credit platform.

"Analects of Confucius" in a sentence, Germany is not alone, there will be a neighbor. That is to say, the moral person is not alone, there will be like-minded people

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