Visual aesthetics in mobile applications three high – income applications

"bad state" such words, whether they speak to themselves, or others to you to listen to, in fact, will produce a series of extremely negative self implied effect. Once you are such a chain effect, want to leave then not so simple. Seemingly without rhyme or reason of the opening, but it seems that in the past week, he is entangled in such thinking. Finally at the end of the week, the way more than three days of holidays, rest at home, let me put down the "bad" thing, do what you love to do, to see their love to see the book, said his love words. Not much to say, into today’s translation. This time in the visual aspect, for all the lovely little animals.

currently, the share of smart phones is still soaring at an unprecedented rate, the mobile application market is also creating the next generation of technology millionaire". Apple’s App Store, which has more than 680 thousand applications, and is growing at an average rate of 375 per day. There is no doubt that the market is huge. There are great opportunities everywhere. But the obvious question is: what is the success of mobile applications by

?The answer to the question of

usually includes innovative ideas, brilliant design, solid and efficient development, etc.. Among them, the "visual aesthetics" of the elements can usually be applied to the success of the product and the brand has played a huge role in promoting. In this paper, we will use the App Store three with high income as an example, to see if they are in terms of visual design originality.

troublemaker (Bad Piggies)

Rovio this game before entering the market has been destined to succeed. As "angry birds" prequel, also rely on a variety of media naughty pig on a whoop and a holler, quickly flew.

, from some rumors and personal observation, these pigs are even more popular than the birds. My nephew has been pestering me to explain why the bad birds always want to kill these cute little pigs.

Rovio of the natural hand. In fact, take a closer look at this game, you will find it difficult to find too much on it and angry birds association.



start screen:


in these brands have an important role in the recognition of the icon and the image of the body, you can hardly see the game and angry birds. This is a clear manifestation of the Rivio on the establishment of a separate Bad Piggies games and toys brand intentions and confidence.

into the game everywhere

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