Search FG war to fight it

domestic internet war many, the famous "3Q war", the "3B war" and so on, and the 360 most. In fact, there are many foreign Internet giant war, but may be more respect for the user than the domestic war, will not let users become victims of interests. For example, in the field of search, Google and Bing have years of resentment, but even if each other will attack each other by making special way, but will not make the so-called "difficult decision to hijack a user".

third is the user search habits problem. Face>

in the search field, and recently began a war again, that is Facebook with Google’s "FG war". Although the war has not started, but people in the industry have predicted that there would be a There was no parallel in history. war. Facebook is the launch of search tool graph search it in January 15th, analysts said that if the Facebook had been doing the search will likely undermine Google.

The second is the problem of data three

is a search problem. Facebook social search is not only the massive data collection, screening and matching, its database should also contains complicated relationship with the user, because this is the lifeblood of the search results are accurate recommendation. How to use the user relationship, and formed a set of traditional links by clicking and conveying the results of the search algorithm for completely different, not many search experience for Facebook, is a big challenge.

. Facebook get a lot of spontaneity, share data through over 1 billion users, more than 300 million pictures uploaded every day, more than 125 billion friends. "But the data compared with the traditional, more scattered and fragmented, most of the data need to be integrated into the social circle to reflect the value of content, and there is a lack of depth. If you can not dig from outside the station and integrate more valuable depth data, it cannot develop search, only in their own circle, has nothing to do with Google.

there are so exaggerated? A behemoth Google so much of the income is ten times more than Facebook, how could so easily be shaken? If you want to fall, it is washed away by the tide.

a lot of people think Google will be threatened by Facebook, mainly because Facebook not only mastered the data, but also master the relationship between the user and the data, which makes it can be more clear user habits and preferences, know what users need, and for every user customized search results output. From this perspective, Facebook does indeed have a lot of advantages, it can make the results more personalized, more close to user needs.

however, the opportunity of user relationship search, at least to face the following challenges:

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