Experimental verification keyword ranking cycle calculation

from September to November the site about Shanghai Longfeng continued for nearly 30 Links, there are a large number of VIP students to talk about Shanghai Longfeng do one-way links, and I also made contribution in other platform outside the chain, contribute to the other platform carrying a link, the cumulative calculation the 500 is no problem. But only 15 links included before October 21st, to 21, after the start of greatly increased, when the November 4th update of the chain increased to 71. We all know that we did all the chain is not all included, so I released the other chain can not be all included, so the data is absolutely impossible to reach 500. but could prove a point: the chain is greatly effective in a month later, some foreign the chain may be 2 months, 3 months, or longer period of one year.

keyword ranking effectKeywords

up to now talk about the Shanghai dragon began ranking, Shanghai dragon blog on page sixth, Shanghai Dragon Technology on the fifth page, so that the site of the primary key is OK in the content of the case, when the chain went into effect one week after the emergence of keywords ranking. Before October 21st has reached 71 of the chain, just love Shanghai on this day to update the data out. It is said that if love after Shanghai update found that the number of the chain of our ascension, then a week later our keywords will appear the possibility of ascension.

two: the chain greatly effect is one month after

three chain into a week after the

talk about the Shanghai dragon in September 16th around the time of the start line do, from No. 16 to after a period of time not published. At the beginning of the blog after the chain and Links nearly 20 or so, but not immediately included. As you can see from the chain began in September 22nd, about a week, only included three, outside the chain of other not included. In October 4th an increase of only one, and until October 14th it was 4 during this period, love Shanghai updated two times, but did not increase the number of the chain. In October 21 an extra chain included the start, to 15. The data show that said before: the chain assessment period is 2-4 weeks, the chain began to force the chain to time is one week after.


test in predicting the US is a month to do keyword ranking on the home page, the fact that many of our classmates of the key words in a very short period of time has come. Now I look at the data to validate our predictions. This is my data about the actual data of Shanghai dragon.


from this point can see keywords ranking after we do the chain beginning in a month. A lot of Shanghai dragon finished outside >

Conclusion Conclusion:

a chain began to take effect is a week later (the chain assessment period of 2-4 weeks)

Before the

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