Ji’nan network marketing expert to teach you how to do QQ group marketing

third questions: have you seen the advertisement in the group group, or you have not released a group of advertising. Please answer or not.

last night, the scene is a small piece of Pirates of the Caribbean inside, but with the design lines:

before the official opening, ask three questions.

this problem is too retarded? So, you can refuse to answer. You despise the eyes tell me, can I continue to ask second questions.

you may say, QQ group is now full of advertising, what is good about? Yes, good advertising QQ group and do not know if there is no Ma Huateng at first thought. Well, have you ever wondered why you so hate advertising? What method can let you love our ads, to produce conversion through advertising have?. Xiao Yuqiang teacher to tell you how to do a good job in the QQ group of advertising and marketing.

the first question: do you have QQ

you frowned.

second problem: there is no QQ group on your QQ? Please answer or not.

you frowned.




Our official opening

well, if second and third questions, your answer is "no". So, you can go to play soy sauce. I am going to say is not suitable for you.

second points: the form of advertising to be flexible. I think the QQ group the lowest advertising is directly told friends he is doing, for example: "DHL special offer, Guangzhou EMS the day of the Internet, can take the imitation brand sensitive goods, CDs, liquid etc.. Price concessions, welcome to inquire: 134******* QQ 39***** "buddy, the Internet is not like that, you can not call two voice to attract love lively aunt to the crowd. When the advertisement is done for you, think about it, you will see, will follow the QQ consultation in the past.

I think I saw a very creative advertising picture in a decoration Group in

: first identify the target groups gathered. Your existing QQ group is what the theme of dating? Shanghai dragon decoration?? there is always a topic, even if only you and your wife two QQ group, which is a group of ah, a love of the QQ group. You know, friends want to join the QQ group chat, and like-minded friends but if dating group suddenly came out of a "special offer excavator sales" ads, you will not see the decoration? Group out of a "English training" ads, you will see so? Please remember, the first book of advertising and marketing: QQ group to join the QQ group, identify potential target customers gathered, not in unrelated groups in all a waste of time, to do chemical machinery accounting Secretary QQ group advertising is not what good results.

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