Long tail keywords is the key of network marketing

long tail keywords have lot of misunderstanding, can not be said to be misunderstood. This is all station location different way of seeing is a bit different. I have long tail keywords optimization all around the product description rather than product problems to mining, again referred to above case.

long tail keywords mining page with column or content? Before met a marketing master, he used the technique of mining the long tail keywords was mining column. I first said suicide first saw the long tail keywords with column mining, but finally thought that he is absolutely right. The weight of a content page is very limited, but not the cumulative increase. But one more column included the contents of the natural weight is not very low, and the program is the content page can update snapshot to do this. But questions a website casually add it? The new column will increase the share of old column weight, so the impact of what has yet to be verified? Hope that if there is a time and experience of a friend can use the column mining method of long tail keywords >

We first consider their own

soft film smallpox product installation method "and" soft film smallpox products should be how to install "two seemingly identical long tail keywords it contains different kinds, the first long tail keywords is a narrative about the installation methods of products, the second is the question is the question. It also analyzes the want to buy a product must first understand the product, the user’s search is often second days but think the results are indeed the first. Even if two of the content is the same, but second days than the first rank higher but the user is often the first click instead of second, after the user appears on the surface is about second and his question as to whether the page can answer his questions he did not know, but the first is to answer his question is he wanted to know the answer. So now the mining "which is better", "the good" and so on the long tail keywords is unsuitable.

then we consider the answer is that a person wants to understand a product he will choose to search the long tail keywords, a person might want to buy a product must first understand the products. Obviously the role of long tail keywords is manifested. The long tail keywords is so easy to be ignored. The single for the above mentioned I marketing soft film ceiling product of long tail keywords nearly all the top three are occupied with traffic and advisory capacity brings such transformation last volume is very considerable. The main competition of billions of tens of thousands of relative keywords, long tail keywords is very simple.

Mining and selection of

a problem, you want to get an answer; to get a function of how would you search? Think of Shanghai Longfeng answers to our search directly on the whole issue, such as: "how to excavate the long tail keywords". Want to get a technology related products and we will use the search function, such as; "soft film smallpox product installation method" and so on related product characteristics, characteristics, performance, price and so on a series of problems.

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