Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform released Wap&App double standard


love Shanghai mobile friendly search is a new dimension to improve the quality of the page based on the search, according to love Shanghai senior manager Zhang Zhihui introduction, mobile friendly basically starting from the angle of view, contains the page readability and ease of use of resources in three aspects and page quality gain etc..

"page for readability, we can see that love Shanghai user experience has done research on the page loading speed, the user of a web page loading time, it is best to open 5 seconds. In the mobile era, PC era has a lot of scroll bars, not too much advertising accounted for the main area." Zhang Zhihui introduction page readability standard.

love Shanghai search mobile friendly

Zhang Zhihui said: "easy to use resources first can start from the navigation links, many web pages users easily the wrong point, so the link should be a big, big font spacing point, allowing users to easily point. As for Flash, when some browsers on mobile devices is not good, this resource is not available, we hope to use the resource loading in H5. Such as audio and video and APP download, can give users a direct download version, rather than jump to the third party application market to achieve. But for >

Wang Hao, then the mobile search trends, quiet, contextualized and personalized experience will become more and more important, after connecting people with information, connecting people and services will be the future for a long period of time, the theme.

further, love Shanghai mobile search through mobile search, friendly tone from the product release mode such as APP standard and new construction, mobile station and App, to promote the ecological development of the whole network search, from the part of cooperation before a transition to open cooperation now, from the "search information into connection with the service, is accelerating the development of the mobile Internet ecosystem.


, love Shanghai web search department director Wang Hao also the conference theme of "all things to shift" in detail. Wang Hao said that the beginning of 2013, Shanghai mobile search will love the rapid growth of mobile, dividend continues. In addition, the love of Shanghai mobile search every day by the data of up to 1 billion orders of magnitude, distribution trend in the continued development.


resource availability and quality standards for the page and what kind of

technology news December 30th afternoon, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform recently held in Beijing "things to shift" love Shanghai mobile search Wap& App double standard conference. At the meeting, Shanghai issued a love love Shanghai search Mobile Friendly friendly version 1 mobile search, and love Shanghai Applink standard. This means that in 2016, Shanghai will love search in the user experience, and App, WAP search related aspects to achieve further breakthroughs.

mobile search under the new opportunities for

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