Five ways to make their own personal blog to make money

1 sale link

in Text-link-ads this website to sell your link is a good choice, you only need to download a blog link, when someone buys you a link plugin to link display. The sale link advertising revenue is relatively stable, but slightly higher, generally have higher Google PR and Alexa ranking people have to buy, and advertising placement generally does not matter, because advertisers as long as your PR is enough, do not really want this to get traffic from you. Therefore, in the early stages of the blog should be appropriate to find some of the higher PR site exchange links.

2 Click ad

such as Google Adsense and Ali mother. Click on ads to earn good money, click advertising to withhold your Chamber of Commerce, let alone small advertising is to do so, even Google is not where to go. But the Google method is more, your account is a little unusual, all your money will come to nothing. This kind of advertising is suitable for some of the larger flow of blog to do, of course, if you need a variety of advertising with, and increase a little extra income, then put this kind of advertising is also good. Click on the ads click on the general billing.

3 marketing advertising

zhuaxia blog alliance and Feedsky alliance. The so-called marketing advertising, is to let you write an article, to advertisers to sell things to comment, such as a dress, a cell phone, a car, etc.. You can write it according to your own idea (that is to say it’s good, it’s not good, of course, the advertiser wants you to write more positive). The price of marketing advertising is generally determined by advertisers before the release, depending on the amount of your blog, RSS subscriptions, Google PR and other factors.

4 search alliance

such as Google Adsense and Baidu alliance. Many blogs have search services, with their own search for the forum program, the server does not consume the resources, the search is not as good as the matching degree of professional search engine. With these search engines to provide search services, so that they in order to complete the search work colleagues you may also get some income. Search union advertising requirements is to sacrifice some of your blog sovereignty, in the search page to enter the general Google or Baidu page. Search alliance advertising revenue in the search page click on the ads and the number of search fees.

5 sell ad

this requires that your site has a certain amount of traffic, advertising placement is generally placed in a prominent position near the blog article. If your blog is bigger, someone will contact you to buy your ad. Such ads are generally monthly / annual charges.

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