How to calculate the weight of love Shanghai, really useless


Then the weights from >

"there is no love and weight" Shanghai PageRank: 贵族宝贝zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/college/articleinfo id=15

is to say:

words, and each word has a corresponding index. Numerical and irregular every webmaster tools still love Shanghai index get more words and corresponding. The current value of repeated updates, not repeat it added to his thesaurus.

when a new online, many people will see this value, one day I don’t think it would become a "weight 1", why would become 1 weight? In addition to love Shanghai first Webmaster Tools index with words and specific data, will also go to Shanghai to find love "these words before the 5 page data. And will be recorded. When your site has a word in the lexicon in Webmaster tools, and in Shanghai the top 5 pages, is the top 50 (when love Shanghai promotion position is not), then congratulations, you finally from 0 to 1.

said…There are many words with

we "Webmaster Tools" love Shanghai weight, first Webmaster Tools evaluate your website weight is the basis is your word ranking can bring traffic prediction. The webmaster tools have a their own vocabulary, which is now the "Thesaurus", the basic force * * * people should know? Don’t know that on their own brain and fill it. Then

this two map links are attached:

? !

love Shanghai weight, early some people say it’s useless, do not see. But there will still be many people watching this value. Whether it is love or love station webmaster tools Shanghai weight. Different people may have different preferences for the site. But this love Shanghai weight really useless? It is how to calculate it? Let’s talk.

about love Shanghai weight term, before the official love Shanghai came out to do a statement, see below, there are pictures and the truth:

The second


"on the" love Shanghai weight "statement" third party Webmaster Tools: 贵族宝贝zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/wiki/36

read the above said, go back to me.

the first "love Shanghai weight" is true that there is no doubt that it has said very clearly. It is not true on behalf of no use? Of course not, this is the third party to the vocabulary, there is a certain reference value. But as a reference, not as a standard. So you need to know the love of Shanghai is how to calculate the weight. The following specific talk about this

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