Shanghai dragon Er how fast growing up


so, do not blindly into the misunderstanding. Shanghai dragon is the most important ideas, only in the way of correct strategy, Shanghai dragon will do better. For example, many Shanghai Dragon technology very good website, the effect is not good. Just a thought, the site will be hundreds of thousands of IP. This has nothing to do with technology.

everyone, there are arrogant habits, the position is NB more often put their own cognitive everything as truth, in fact it may just well slap that big one day.

in network marketing, Shanghai dragon is only a method of drainage. No one cares about before, now many people, we all enlarge the importance of it.

The importance of

first, find their own problems, most practitioners have the following two serious problems:


4, PV

is a professional Shanghai dragon Er, you cannot change the love of Shanghai, you can only change yourself, fast growing and can be more free

When we income?All Shanghai Longfeng too enlarged ? ?


3, IP


technology flow error


how to grow up?


how to expand the network marketing thinking? You can start from the following 9 steps:


The learning strategy of network marketing system,


loves Shanghai bad temper, as everyone knows. Upgrade transform to continuously make Shanghai Er have no dragon servant! When someone shouted: Shanghai dragon is dead argument, in fact? Shanghai dragon has always been there, just change your habits.




more than body art!

second, let oneself become powerful ideas

re purchase? In 2,

Shanghai dragon is only a method to promote the network, network promotion is a network marketing link.


word of mouth?

sometimes often said that the more complex, but more people believe that the author may have written do not understand Shanghai Dragon technology, was spread to many practitioners, the spread of power is enormous.

now help enterprises to do more consulting, only to find 9 problems mentioned above, the weakest link is one of the most direct methods, you can quickly bear fruit.



9 steps, and each adapter has a conversion problem, want to improve conversion to the learning methods, let you quickly improve marketing ability.


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