Shanghai Longfeng dry cargo depth interpretation of what is high weight chain

here we list some cases, and one case is a continuation of the last Submission on the first page of the article 7 new cases of heaven. At that time, some of the core keywords case is difficult, so there was no good ranking, now ranking has entered the home position, but here the posted data is just outside the chain of the site’s data value, as shown below:

the small site outside the chain of data

from the search engine development so far, love Shanghai, whether domestic or foreign, Sogou 360, Bing, Google, has its own set of ranking algorithms of search results. Although the search engine ranking different algorithms are similar, but the search engine algorithm engineer design algorithm is always the same. Many people say that in recent years, the Shanghai dragon has become more and more difficult, the ranking is not good to control, in fact, the algorithm has never changed, the fundamental reason is more and more difficult to do only one thing, is you to understand more and more from Shanghai Longfeng nature.


blog site outside the chain of

if we take the Shanghai dragon as part of a practice, like operation is the professional information can be in any one search engine can find a variety of Shanghai dragon, but it is the vast majority of Shanghai Longfeng personnel cannot control, this is why many people even in the Shanghai dragon in this industry do not rank.



is the Shanghai dragon tangled practitioners of a current phenomenon, so far, most of the Shanghai dragon are reference to some love station, this kind of Webmaster Tools Platform love Shanghai weight, if you love Shanghai’s own rating system to set up the calculation method with this kind of thought, a little bit of program design thinking of programmers who know this is obviously ridiculous, because this kind of weight if used for "trust rating, then the final user search results of A is B, C, D. In other words, if I do not do the site of Shanghai dragon, is a purely business name, but behind it has the high quality of the chain to a point, no doubt their site of URL trust degree is high, the same, the chain to the other sites I derived voting trust is high, but there is no love Shanghai weight the so-called love station. If you read this profound understanding of the significance behind the link analysis algorithm, so it will not cause why I made the chain also do not rank the reasons, not to pull the chain said some useless.

Analysis and experimental demonstration of a large number of


The Lu Songsong

data is the best Shanghai dragon answers, we look at the chain data under the Lu Songsong blog site and my own site outside the chain of data, as shown below:

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