9 years of experience to share Shanghai Longfeng occupation of several key bottlenecks

due to the initial technical characteristics of Shanghai dragon, resulting in a little bit of technology and hard work, you can get a cheap traffic ranking, thus, give many people a kind of free concept! Of course I also put forward by using the concept of Shanghai dragon zero cost of entrepreneurship, but things are different stages of development, can not always use past experience to illustrate the problem now. So many people entered the rash and too much in haste seems to have no threshold for the industry, the dream came to get a pot of gold. Once the industry upgrade, the industry is mature, and the threshold requirements of natural high, this group of people who are natural gold first out. Because these people cannot improve abilities as the industry itself to keep up with the times. In any industry, its ability to improve like riding a boat behind the dilemma. If you do not put down the greedy heart, let oneself more academic point, only the powerless.

but with the introduction of the concept of Shanghai dragon, seems to be with some derogatory flavor, it seems that everyone began to crush the black chain, pseudo original, stations and so on, it sounds very advanced stuff, crazy speculation. Most of the people who often complain because this kind of crowd, was easy to use mini no matter, started mouthing Shanghai dragon industry, this is not alarmist, which belongs to the clay Buddha across the river itself.

on the other hand, I have another group of friends have to live on their own or in the domestic Internet companies. I integrated the in-depth communication with many people, lists several key bottlenecks, for your consideration.

first Shanghai dragon this occupation the bottleneck of the development of the most important reason is the objective environment, the objective environment is the love of Shanghai. Love Shanghai every time the algorithm update will make up all kinds of loopholes in the past, let a lot of opportunistic Shanghai dragon ER in disarray, and because the frame concept, the search engine from a simple feedback feedback into a diversified, more direct and efficient. So, Shanghai dragon ER site is more and more small, but more and more difficult, a group of no core advantage in Shanghai dragon ER watched a day before complain incessantly, tens of thousands of IP station, pulled hair, the sharp drop in revenue, combat is not small.

yesterday with a group vice president and director of communication about Shanghai Longfeng development and bottleneck problems, there are a lot of feelings, sort out today for everyone to share. In fact, on the topic of Shanghai Longfeng bottleneck is not a year for two years, many of the elderly couple getting confused, 9 years of wind and rain along the way, I hope to give you some inspiration.

2. lazy

automation software Shanghai Longfeng, so many people mistakenly believe that money can solve the problem, to achieve the purpose of reaping. There are two classic examples to illustrate the problem. The first is the link group tool, if 100 people use such tools, or some effect, but 1000 people with very little effect. "

1. greedy

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