Do 20 to master the basic knowledge of Shanghai Dragon

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dead link means, it is normal, but later became invalid links, making web pages open this dead link address, the server response is not open or friendly page 404 error page. Avoid dead link is important to do well in the station optimization. To quickly find our website if there is a dead link, we can query through the webmaster tools! Dead link check out, then directly open to further confirm the following figure:

three, good at choosing accurate target keywords and long tail keywords

anchor text is based on text keywords added link code, click on the link to achieve this keyword can you set the page, the anchor text plays a very important role in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, the anchor text of the code is: anchor text code: text key words, the text keywords "only display the general in web page however, through the HTML code to view actually is a link to the code! The anchor text is an important factor to improve the keywords ranking. As shown below:

is the main target keyword keyword of a website, also become the main keywords, optimization of ER in Shanghai should be the dragon around the target keywords to optimize the site layout, product target keywords and website need to conform to, such as web site keywords now my target is "Shanghai dragon tutorial" and "Shenzhen Shanghai Dragon" love Shanghai heat are high, the choice of target keywords should also consider the love of Shanghai index, combined with their own website, must not choose keywords very cold, if their website weight high, is an old station, you can choose the more popular; but if the website is the new station, recommended to choose moderate or low point target keywords, like my site is just built up more than a month, when I came to I want to do the keywords Shanghai dragon, but based on the above consideration, I chose a place to start, but not too upset the keywords "Shenzhen Shanghai dragon" optimization


, a site to avoid the dead link

as a web site optimization, there are some basic knowledge of Shanghai Longfeng point is that we must master the website ranking, good and quick, and optimize the knowledge foundation of Shanghai Longfeng these do not have not done, there is a direct relationship between! Today, Weiwei Shanghai dragon put I speak in front of Shanghai Longfeng elementary knowledge of the optimization as a whole, we optimize the website, than to you now do website whether there is such a problem, website optimization based! These are no problem, we have made the site optimization success is a big step in

Is the failure of the link, link error

long tail keywords is actually composed of two or three or more short words.

two, good at using the anchor text optimization

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