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want to tell you is when we choose keywords alone love Shanghai index this one is not enough. Do you want your website to do the ranking is not enough by the main keywords, we need to do is to get through a lot of long tail keywords ranking. So even if the main keywords no ranking will not have a fatal impact on our site traffic. The original article by 贵族宝贝fengxiongwell贵族宝贝, please note.

Shanghai Longfeng workers on site optimization a contemptuous disregard. No index or index less keywords don’t want to do. They said, do you want to have sex in Shanghai keywords index. That big love Shanghai index keywords optimization up after some can get good traffic. But in fact you choose keywords love Shanghai index is relatively high, the actual flow of your site is really high in fact?. Today I’ll tell you the actual flow through the website to obtain a keyword and love how much difference between the index of Shanghai.

you may say, I won’t hear it. Why love Shanghai index and the actual flow difference we have so much. The reasons are as follows. First, love Shanghai index is used to reflect the keywords in the past 30 days the network exposure rate and user attention, and love is a love of the Shanghai Shanghai index to us. Since the love of Shanghai provided to us, so inevitably there is water. From a user’s perspective keywords love Shanghai high index more popular with users, making Shanghai more market bidding. In this way the actual flow is greatly reduced.

second, we love Shanghai bidding traffic to intercept. I cite a simple example we know. If you have a scar now website ranking in the first, then you through this traffic to certain keywords scar Shanghai index a lot less than love. In addition to water is done outside the bidding website to remove keyword interception. Users see many love Shanghai auction sites may not click on your website and browse.

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third points, although a lot of people will search this word, but not necessarily will click on the website. Why, because there is a considerable part of the search keywords in order to see the rankings. For example, I am. Will I do search keywords ranking changes every day. I love Shanghai and increase the actual traffic index did not increase.

the word Hefei Shanghai Longfeng for example. When we search the keywords Hefei Shanghai dragon love Shanghai index we can see our love for Shanghai index in about 100. A little bit of no more than 150. The Hefei Shanghai dragon first website to access through the Hefei Shanghai dragon actual flow how many? No more than fifty. Even less, maybe you will say, how do you know. Because I have done the first. Through the analysis of direct access statistics obtained by keyword flow less and less.

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