The analysis method of breakthrough website ranking and traffic condition is very low

Indeed it is difficult to engage in

analysis of the fourth web space, whether the use of the virtual host, this is a lot of grassroots Adsense love station, of course, such investment is relatively low, but the risk is quite large, especially in the same virtual host.

The first

analysis of inside and outside the chain chain site optimization, the chain is very common, there are many channels, the automobile information website and the corresponding website made many friends of the chain, and the chain, but the chain that the website released many of which are from the forum, even the overall weight of the chain BBS signature, introduce the effect not to solve this problem completely by the soft outside the chain, and even put some money to buy some high weight of the chain platform, of course, can also be innovative video chain etc.. And the chain optimization is more important, in the chain of this site is relatively simple, does not have the spider web structure good, which can be integrated in the construction of the chain from the anchor text and context, thus forming a chain network effectively.


website now, and sometimes spend a lot of time, site ranking and traffic are not what improvement, even several months of the website, website as a new website, which will not only affect the profitability of owners, more importantly will thoroughly blow webmaster confidence. Finally choose to leave. The author here in a car information website has been optimized as an example, to analyze the specific site ranking in traffic and are very low under the principle of breakthrough.

this place car information website has been established for nearly six months, the content page is more than more than 3000 pages, but in Shanghai and other search engines basically not what ranking, the daily flow of not more than 20, the basic operation of the website being cold, then after we analyze a series of and re optimization, quickly get rid of dilemma. Here is a concrete analysis of these details.

analysis of second words of the site, the car on the web keywords are basically random insertion copy content, some keywords and content have not obvious compatibility and even entertainment, the content into the automotive information and other words, is not into the lattice and content, to change keywords implantation strategy to let the keywords and content relevance, and reading fluency, this is not only to enhance the search engine users affinity, but also for affinity. Has a very important role.

analysis included in the site and snapshot, the contents of the website pages more than 3000 pages, but included the number less than 1/10, and before the snapshot time actually stay in 3 months, from the current situation of the recording and snapshot time extremely delayed, is entirely due to the content of the web site uses a lot of acquisition and pseudo original way, resulting in prolonged quantity and time snapshot included. Therefore, to change the content of the construction of strategy, change into the original high quality and has some innovative ideas, and web sites should have a certain correlation, so that it can effectively solve the problem of recording and snapshot.

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