Scindapsus algorithm analysis love Shanghai how to identify the link

is a site of unidirectional links is not from the natural forward, but only to one-way Links to reflect, then this type >

you do in Links, are generally linked to each other, that your site has his link to his website do you link, which Links should be two-way, if a website is not Links two-way equivalence, and the difference amount is especially huge, it will cause a special note the love of Shanghai, which will form two of the following conditions:

as a webmaster, as we all know, fall in love with the sea in February 20, 2013 launched a new search engine algorithm, named Scindapsus, announced that this new algorithm is mainly on the sale and purchase of links to the web site and the chain of intermediary, indeed, we can see the largest super chain intermediary Ali in February 20th K was slightly. Go9go in love in Shanghai only two pages, this is the role of the new algorithm.

The first kind of

1. one-way link is formed naturally, namely the content of high quality, one-way links formed by the natural reproduced, we can see the figure, the Shanghai dragon one day, and the anchor link is the Zac blog, which formed a one-way chain of great value, so love Shanghai certainly will not be punished for this kind of website. On the contrary, it will give a good rankings.

identification method of super chain intermediary artificial intervention directly.

so in the face of such a huge number of websites and Web links to their relationship, love Shanghai is how to identify a site is to buy links? Love Shanghai algorithm is not made public, but as a long-term study of senior webmaster love Shanghai algorithm to say, it doesn’t bother us here we use examples to analyze.

second identification method: linked to the sale of the site of unidirectional link identification.

someone may ask, why not love Shanghai algorithm directly K off the station? This is because of a well-known websites, such as Ali slightly, the chain of over 10000, Alexa ranked ten thousand, high visibility, if the punishment to the algorithm, it will affect a lot of quality website. So only for manual intervention, I say this is not unreasonable, we look at the picture below, I search for "Links sale" in love Shanghai, we can see that the current row in the home page is some small effect link trading station, but in the update algorithm was not K. That love Shanghai did perform manual intervention.

domestic super large number of intermediary chain after all few, love Shanghai by artificial intervention, the super chain intermediaries direct combat, such as the recent Ali and go9go slightly.

2. one-way links only in Links part.

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