The Shanghai dragon do need is what kind of traffic


what kind of traffic is not the value of the flow of

so we do Shanghai Longfeng need is what kind of traffic? We need to be precise and accurate keywords ranking flow to bring traffic.


if you do is the portal site, not all traffic is valuable. Do portal station if it is a reactionary information flow, so we tell you responsibly: you miserable. (this you know). We build a website, Shanghai Phoenix are for profit, not the value of the flow about what interests

ER in Shanghai Longfeng do Shanghai dragon always love to flow and ranked in the first place, the ranking and traffic in the first place is indeed true. But we must first understand what we want and what kind of keywords ranking flow. Not all of the traffic and keywords is valuable to us all.


what kind of traffic is accurate

how can we distinguish these flow value of a


as I said, we according to our site to lock the user groups, locking keywords. Then according to our customer groups and keywords to get accurate flow.

? !How can we get the accurate flow of

traffic of our potential customers is the accurate flow. Take Shu Yiyuan ( for example, Shu Yiyuan is a shopping website recommendation. All the online shopping users are potential customers Yiyuan Shu, of course, we can not put all the people to play online shopping on our website. We can design some of our valuable potential users of content according to our group of potential customers, let us in the potential user groups through our content to understand us, so that we obtain precise flow.

Most of the webmaster and

took Yiyuan Shu. If a user wants to find relevant technical training content, and then through the search engine or other channels to our website. Then we see the content on the website is very good, look after we turn off the web page, to find what he wants. There are those who do not have online shopping habits or hobbies, this kind of user groups on the Internet through a number of ways to come to our website. When they see some of the things they are interested in, they will take down installed in the bag, when the mall would buy back or made a special trip to buy.

if we do is area or industry site, we should put our eyes on a regional or industry. And then through the keywords of the region or the industry to obtain the accurate flow of our valuable. When we put the flow accurately, at the same time we will also be able to maximize the flow value of

we can use the third party system.

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