The new station is right down to think of the problem

three, the third period is the transition from love to marriage. We need some time to Baidu in order to obtain the Baidu identity, this time in 3 months or so, in fact, is not what special to do, is to save every day with Baidu on the line, say how much you love her (content), tell your car and house (chain).

read an article called "about the chain of time factor", just remember this particular article, content is not seen, because it’s just a piece of crap soft, not what, now regret it, I really met the related problems and the chain time.

The original, Before

I think my next work station of Shanghai dragon when how should treat the

two, the second period is called the strength of the show. The grandiose end of their own (website) to show how the tall,stately and handsome, his real strength, Baidu is not a vegetarian. This time you need to have a rhythm to update their chain, in order to get the Baidu.

, the first period is called gallant. 1 to 2 weeks or longer, to update their site every day, it is best not to be in the collection, not get content out of the pseudo original, tell Baidu, brother here has a story, come to tell you, brother.

is such a new station, I, the domain name is registered, the line on the first day to love Shanghai, included the second days, use the domain command to query the station I ranked in the last place the most. I think I’m such a small station, is not completely copied, the article is not to 10, there was no sign of the Dragon over Shanghai page (the page can even say Shanghai dragon is very bad, why) the right to be reduced? The only answer is outside the chain, I submit a site to love Shanghai, immediately put the Shanghai dragon WHY signature into a new keyword and URL, and continuous in question answering a few questions, the results of the second day will suffer misfortune.

from heaven 贵族宝贝 welcome to reprint, please indicate the source.


four, is in fact not four, get Baidu identity has basically been married, you have to do your wife, hey (Y laugh). But don’t overdo it, say the woman is a tiger, do not wait until K realized this sentence.

I think this is one of the factors outside the chain of time, for a new station, the first few days should update the content continuously, the chain rather than fast and more, otherwise you will be regarded as cheating. We know that in February the chain of large fluctuation in 22, although after recovery, but many stations and cheating station was drop right or be K, we can see that love is more sensitive to the sea than before, so we do website promotion, we should always think what you are doing will not be mistaken for cheating love Shanghai.

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