Love Shanghai bidding optimization equals money for you to find a way to do

second is to optimize the bidding, because of the keyword optimization is the core for optimization, different keywords bring click rate and flow conversion rate is completely different, some keywords will only increase the click rate but no traffic conversion rate for the bid ranking is the most taboo, but although some key words aimy and, but also not easy to search to the user, so in the optimization of keywords, we should focus on the optimization according to user search habits and the optimization effect of these keywords may bring.

love of Shanghai has become one of the three giants of the Internet, the core reason is that it is almost a monopoly of the search engine market, although the 360 hard to catch up with the love of Shanghai, but from the current market share rate, love Shanghai still occupy the absolute advantage, is nearly 60% of the market, these huge users provide a rich model for advertising springhead love Shanghai, these are also the huge flow of love Shanghai bidding cost becomes more and more high, but even so many companies have no way to bite the bullet on the bidding advertising, some popular keywords do not you love Shanghai home to occupy half of the country Shanghai love home, love for the charm of Shanghai thus.

third to do a good job of love Shanghai creative bidding report, monitoring report is a kind of creative to do before love Shanghai for effect, an optimal way to continuously optimize, here can according to the TOP-N analysis method of the core creative fixed point analysis, such as talent website as an example in order to target users with different promotion, such as enterprise and job seekers, so in the analysis report will put forward two different promotion programs, such as the enterprise is mainly used for keywords, job seekers are mainly in the job search keywords, look these two words meaning "

but as far as I know, many enterprises are blind in love when Shanghai bid, and no serious optimization, which actually led to his investment was a boondoggle, because now daily hits on the Internet are more than billions of times, if everyone is crazy to click on your ad auction but, ultimately did not produce effective sales, which means no effect on your investment, not to be able to give you the income return. So improve the optimization of love Shanghai bidding, it is equal to saving money! But also can improve the flow conversion rate, is a good thing how to shoot two hawks with one arrow, it can improve the bidding


I think we can from the following several aspects to do optimization. First, no matter what you do, data analysis is one of the important part in Shanghai in the bidding process, the same to the data analysis, an important part of the analysis is to view the keyword click rate and flow conversion rate, investment cost and income data analysis, in addition to the analysis of the efficiency and get the keyword click different keywords relevant data comparison, so as to provide a data support for the optimization of the following work.

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