How to be a responsible Blogger

The use of The operation process of

Little or no anchor text

in Shanghai Longfeng industry chain, blog weight is more and more low, this is because there is little published blog content, this is a lot of blog where the disease, they do not know how to find new ways to guide the readers attention from the blog site, still most of the time on the keyword, from Google panda love Shanghai update update to 628, these are enough to prove that Blog is not only because the keyword and content creation.

what you have written is not only "content"

maybe you are editing a blog carefully, and even took a long time to write a blog, thousands of words, but for users, an article so long is very difficult to digest, so if you are a new Blogger, keep in mind the limitations of your text in 200-500 the word limit depends on the content of your information, as long as it is kept to a minimum, so let your readers enjoy and really understand what you are saying.

based social network

as a Blogger, you have too much responsibility. You don’t see your readers to read your content, but it doesn’t mean you’re not responsible, in fact, as one of its Blogger work more than that.

spam can destroy your blog, never allow spammers to comment, to borrow a >

maintain appropriate comment


share your articles on social networks, this is a very effective way to collect the traffic to your site, you have quality content, to share social network disk through the blog, when the user appears the content is well worth reading, they can easily visit your site.


Blogger the best way responsible person is related to your niche or topic, no matter what a story can always related to the content of your site, with hot news promotion brand product, let you the link to share a larger audience link network.

a good blog is not only a good content, it should be very interesting information, which is why you need to use Blogger image or video, when the blog of course, don’t put your article and not related to the image and video together, this will only look ridiculous.

images and video

anchor text seems to be one of the best ways to. Users create Web links, but this is not the main point today, from Google panda and 628 events can be seen in the search engine that is only in the anchor text on the basis of the website is of no value, so make sure the little or no anchor text to your blog.

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