On the search engine to determine the principle of black chain site

outside the chain of construction.

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two: link instability

four: the analysis of other sites of the black chain trading

related website

are bought by some fixed sites and search engines can pass on these web sites to determine those sites have been linked to the phenomenon of the horse, the website has a black chain trading behavior, and a follow-up survey, and at this time there will be some joint website and reduce weight!

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search engine can tell us to buy black chain, then how should we do? Do black chain link or there is no market? The black chain to avoid as much as possible, and the link can be through the following methods to enhance the natural, not being a search engine

is actually a lot to buy black chain links are in the major sites linked to the relatively wide range, if you buy these links, often is these PR although relatively high, but the correlation is poor and your site, such as you do is the car type website, buy links are government this type of website, there is no correlation between the links, search engines usually as black chain with

general black chain position are hidden in the footer of the website or the left navigation bar, or hide where some advertisers, for the fixed position, the search engine is easily determined, thereby reducing the weight of the chain, and even take you down the right site "/p>!

sites in the purchase of the chain link, found no benefits for their website how to do, had to get rid of these links, and then buy a new one, it will cause the chain to the natural instability, outside chain instability is one of the main search engine to determine the basis of

? keywords garbage!

chain is self-evident for the importance of a website, and now the construction of the chain is very difficult, many high weight site are not willing to pass with links to other website posts or articles on the site audit, so many new owners in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, often can only through the purchase of foreign the chain, like some Links even, a lot of people in order to take a shortcut, the purchase of a large number of black chain, want to quickly improve the site’s weight in a short time, but this is the search engine to get close, then the search engine is how to judge the chain you belong to the black chain.

two: the chain to a regular increase of

In fact, many black chain

manslaughter! Many Since the

in the purchase of the normal chain, we must pay attention to the diversification of keywords of the anchor text, usually must pay attention to diversification of the site, not always on the same site to buy, of course the feeble exception to the long tail keywords analysis according to their own circumstances, can not easily find a replacement


: a link to the diversification of sources of

three: the position of the

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