Several outstanding Chinese click Wangzhuan project introduction

The promotion of

rich uncle Mao has Chinese personnel click Wangzhuan project, click Wangzhuan Chinese is a basic project Wangzhuan beginner. Make friends to Uncle Mao rich consulting largest issue is what you can do and what station station can collect the money, is not a lie. Rich uncle Mao explained not to mind taking the trouble costs a lot of tongue, can not say clearly, today to make friends through the network owners recommend some good Chinese click Wangzhuan project, make a difference between friendly.

, a grade six class referral click Wangzhuan

1, April 7, 2008: happy around the station, now more than 30 thousand registered members, the website has a variety of ways to make money, reputation, is a pacesetter Chinese click Wangzhuan, many Chinese click Wangzhuan station program from around the happy, happy around is the first stop for beginners.


webmaster Wangzhuan: Hakka nickname knife, this station has specialized financial personnel, at 10 o’clock in the evening on time payment, ensure the members’ rights are not infringed. The biggest feature of this station is paid in proportion, the virtual Hakka money can be released by the actual amount of money, for the site of the friends of the release of advertising can save a lot of advertising funds.

3, China Wangzhuan: Hangzhou site’s station, the station to super advertising and first-class reputation Wenzhan Chinese click Wangzhuan third place, every month of the referral contest is a major feature of this station, the reward is high, is the first choice to promote Wangzhuan master.

other excellent six referral commission Wangzhuan station operation mode, almost all, credit guarantee, payment time: around 365, Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, happy home, English Wangzhuan and so on, these stations make novice friends can do.

two, virtual gold Wangzhuan

the site click to score the virtual currency exchange, the proportion of each are not identical, the most basic is the 2000 gold exchange one yuan, referral is relatively low, mainly to go it alone, without the ability to make development of offline friends can do this kind of Wangzhuan project.

1, my Wangzhuan station opened: this time is December 27, 2007, more than a year of development has accumulated a very high popularity, make friends every day can earn 12 Fen cents, at this station to pay 5 yuan, Many a little make a mickle., webmaster never owe you money, it is recommended that novice make friends preferred.

2, the advertising task home: this station opened the date is January 2009, first-class reputation, timely payment, promotion webmaster super, website traffic, website advertising cost is low, the website click on the ads over many, want to make more money friends every day.

3, 626 tasks: the biggest feature of Wangzhuan station timely payment, payment of the low starting point, long held website to pull off the assembly line game, high bonus and ensure the activity of the registered members of the site.

other excellent virtual gold station: ZB task, task, network alliance Di purchase gold, Yihai Wangzhuan site

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