Shanghai cognitive Er Shanghai dragon dragon is not the only means of network marketing

(search engine optimization) marketing than SEM (search engine marketing) marketing. Because only the Shanghai dragon as the only means of website marketing, it is to put our fate in the hands of the search engine. Once you do illegal operations, such as unlimited content acquisition, hot key word pseudo Shanghai Longfeng creation, Shanghai Longfeng excessive optimization, nothing major revision, then your website will face the miserable fate, is called the K station. Hard work is the K station, the site is essential requirement of the conversion rate, to obtain more Shanghai Longfeng no correlation of flow can not bring the conversion rate will be mistaken for cheating on the search engine. While SEM can achieve low investment high effective effect.

Shanghai dragon network marketing will not bring life to others, but through various means of promotion, achieve good marketing results. According to their own preferences and ability of owners to choose their own means of network marketing, as long as a means of interest to the extreme, that is how the effect of

is more and more popular in Shanghai dragon training class, more and more Shanghai dragon Er, let the grassroots webmaster, enterprise website mistakenly believe that network marketing is the Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon is equivalent to the network marketing. This view is wrong. There’s no denying that Shanghai dragon is a most important means of network marketing, but is not the only means of network marketing. There are more marketing tools such as forum community promotion, Post Bar post, traffic exchange site navigation station promotion, promotion, EDM promotion (e-mail), new media (micro-blog SNS WeChat promotion blog promotion through Web2.0 application) media promotion etc..

Shanghai dragon network marketing of the three web site navigation promotion, in the famous site navigation station to spend money to get good display position and recommended, as long as willing to spend money on advertising, you can get a lot of traffic. Or your website login entry in the new station site navigation, the search engine is to add a chain.

Shanghai dragon network marketing promotion of community forum. Novice website do most is the forum community promotion and promotion of Post Bar. In the relevant forum community website and forum signature set soft paste. The establishment of website name Post Bar, in Post Bar by popular events, popular keywords to attract traffic.

Shanghai dragon

Shanghai dragon network marketing two media promotion (soft Wen promotion). Strong writing skills, like writing the webmaster can choose to promote the exchange of traffic means. The creation of related web text, published in the well-known media Shanghai news website love easily included, included for more news and reprint. The media itself adds to the original content, for the web site itself can enhance the brand benefit, can easily get traffic. The news media promotion is a part of media promotion, the news media sites known to strengthen brand awareness on their website.

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