Shanghai dragon should make full use of heat billboard

then speak before, we first check we are familiar with the billboard, for example: love Shanghai ranking, micro-blog search, Sina index, ranking list Youku forum. That’s all right (in fact, I probably know these)

name is micro-blog marketing, Sina micro-blog has hundreds of millions of users, can not be ignored, we have to pay attention to their love of the star or writer and so on, love love comments inside broadcast, this is the work you want to do, you can broadcast the latest real-time, can also take your comments the product, remember to "degree", don’t let sina will you delete it. Someone will see your comments, there will always be people who will relay your meager, do micro-blog marketing is priority among priorities. This is the Shanghai dragon fine the "fine"

video promotion so we are not unfamiliar, video do good to bring traffic is very objective, then, in the selection of the video when we should carefully, you choose 49 years of the founding ceremony of the video do promotion, estimate the effect is worrying ah, so seize the real hot recent video promotion is very effective this time, you have to use the "Youku index"! He will tell you what is hot, and then you to the video processing, "

why focus on billboard? The billboard is actually a collection of events, in today’s society, entertainment, life and so on more than 10 kinds of popular search content. Users can accurately reflect the more focused information and content.

for Shanghai dragon, the chain now release techniques, mostly the same, a superficial reform, what is the rare innovative approach, there are many small skills maybe we haven’t led. Remember that Shanghai Longfeng work must be fine, his essence is fine and fine two words. Drift blindly, go to the last stop a piece, you also can not drink soup. Then I spoke the following is the Shanghai dragon how to use heat billboard, to improve their website traffic.


1, Shanghai Giants: love

3, Youku Video giant: index

2, the big two: Sina micro-blog search list

now do not know who love Shanghai?! as long as you login to your account in Shanghai love, home can be displayed in realtime. Love Shanghai billboard cover almost every field of life, we all know that the long tail keywords website traffic from users, but we are not going to do these, what we need is the focus will guide the user to our site, then a simple, you can go to the major news content the site collection, together with their own chain, of course you can add your own ideas and views in your content, resonate or discussion, it will be better. Observe the love Shanghai billboard, good drainage, this is Shanghai dragon in the "fine fine".


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