Analysis of optimization ideas in Web site

1, the user needs, competitors, industry keywords, enterprise resource comprehensive analysis; 2, determine the main columns, site special columns; 3, improve the site function, increase user viscosity, can think of disruptive innovation means that is the best;

today to discuss with you the optimization technique of large e-commerce sites or large portal station, large and small business website site and blog site optimization is very different, large sites usually covers a large number of keywords, website optimization must do Shanghai dragon behavior characteristic of enterprise and industry have a certain understanding, and can reasonable and effective use of resources of the enterprise, from many aspects, the long layout, specify the long-term effective optimization strategy feasible, from PGC to UGC and OGC change a derivative.

third points, readable content strategy, to ensure that the site of fresh

second points, to improve the internal website optimization based

1) structure optimization: some of the most basic needs to be done, for example: will not exclude, do the site map page to the search engine fully included, the article page within the chain number control and improve the correlation with nofollow; secondly, how to effectively transfer the weight in the internal web site, and through the chain promote reasonable use many of the long tail word single page ranking ability, is the key to optimize the structure of the

large website on your own edit post is far from reach industry topics covering a wide range of requirements, as well as industry experts with best quality content, and can encourage users to offer long tail content. Question answering system, forum system, the wiki system is essential. The page update mechanism, the user can mobilize the enthusiasm of the website, the user message and communication. The quality of the message and the commentary website is very valuable content in the page function to be able to give in advance or highlight on these comments, to facilitate new visitors.

large web sites give you a few suggestions to follow, one is Zhongguancun online, another is the car home, the 2 large site of the Shanghai dragon doing is very good. From the overall layout, website structure, details of the optimization and so on are doing very well, we can not learn from others’ optimization. And the weaknesses.

The construction of

TKD (3) title, keywords, description) and URL rules should be unified planning, it is best to use the absolute path station.

!2) Optimization of

, the first peer competitor and affiliated in-depth analysis of

code optimization: large website content variety, home page, column page page not only to simplify, reasonable layout, but also to focus, and will be independent of the content or repetitive code to a minimum. Note: the page code from the search engine must be easy to understand the point of arrangement of each content block sequence, and the proper use of HTML tags to guide analysis page search engine.

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