High quality original content for you to create a high quality content ideas

this is not difficult to understand, if your website is all collected, then certainly you and others of the same site, love Shanghai will take certain measures to avoid the waste of space, to avoid duplication of work of the spider, in order to increase the efficiency of the website to punish plagiarism inevitable. How to make web content unique? This is talking about from the website of the product. For a company, it will be the same products and competitors, but the service or brand that is not the same. Here we give an example.

so, you want your site is the one and only content, and allows users to create content better? To test it, the brain will always find a way.

The content of your site’s design

we are doing business in this type of website of trademark registration. This is a trademark search website, it is obvious that his website content is the one and only. Why dare to say this? Because it is created by the users, we are not artificially add their own, users are real users, they think it is impossible to have the same ideas and other home users, so they created a website for us, only two of the content.

3, website content quality depends on the user to your website

search engine is how to determine the content of a web site is the original content of quality in Shanghai? Love algorithm frequent situation, we all see that love Shanghai consciously guide us in high quality original content. Because only the high quality original content, in order to better meet the needs of users. This goes back to the question above, the search engine is how to determine the content of the website is of high quality, original, content? What should we do?

. Then users come to your website, is reluctant to leave, if your content is not strong enough, so it is inevitable to close a minute. So, users come to the site’s performance, is one of the high quality index your website content that. Then, we.

would like to remind you, no matter what type of website, be sure to add the forum to discuss this section, so that the content is more abundant, more easy to pull into the distance between us and the user, I hope you can understand this truth.

1 of the site’s content, unique

2, website content must be rich and varied

it is also very easy to do, or take the registered trademark of our website, we have the first chief advisor: Peking University postdoctoral Yang Yanchao teacher video intellectual property rules, and our consultants on the video section, and text content sections, and the picture display area, for different users, we show by different methods. Please remember, it is a search engine for each industry site attribute definitions, when your website and the attribute definition is different, you are more likely to be ranked higher than others.

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