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migrant workers about two days did not write the original article yesterday, and a group of friends exchanged in YY, are mainly discussed enthusiastic friends to help answer Forum recently stood in a row down the right to be loved in Shanghai. Here we thank Changsha westerly on the station support in a row. I have some practical experience according to oneself want to share some of the views of the forum optimization. At the same time in recent years, many webmaster friends forum to be right down, I want to talk about little details about some optimization forum today.


for the love of Shanghai’s new algorithm I don’t do too much, people feel a bit of Forum on our friends is of concern — a large number of

forum program has been 12 years of development of the Shanghai dragon has been optimized very well. So how are we going to do Shanghai dragon, actually a lot of successful people are not concerned about the Shanghai forum of the dragon. The forum is focused on user depth, like a row of station play is the depth of user. Here to stand in a row to make a gas, instant is right down flow down is 30 IP, is still very awesome. The depth of the forum user experience is good, love Shanghai, ranking natural will go up. That is to say on our website allows users to stay longer.

forum for the friends all know, many forum posts back to the complex very much, we also love with some top stick machine uninterrupted reply. Let your forum looks unusually hot. Here you can see the background of the discuz plugin installed on tens of thousands of times you can see, how keen the top post. For this reply love Shanghai has made adjustment. A forum for my right to be reduced is perhaps for this reason. Here want to do friends in the forum do not specifically go to the top post, if the reply is a member of Shanghai is not that I want to love you is a problem. Next I want to talk about do we need to pay attention to the details of the

for example we all understand this small details. You can see the recent 28 push and A5 forums have emerged. A >

site because of too much content will have some turning mechanism, and some problems of page because the program itself will return the empty content, and these empty content page is likely to weight is not low, because the page link is the total, so this page may receive many other links pointing to the page. But this matter is from a user point of view or search engine perspective, does not meet the "high weight" characteristics, so this kind of page search engine will be out. Another page is a complete essay into many pages, of course, use the paging mechanism to long article page is beneficial to the user experience, but some webmaster have an ulterior motive is to increase the page included, some seemingly short article pages to him over a dozen pages, this is clearly not enough the.

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