Wang Tong what should be the home page of the site

Sina home page revision, the more dense, "although this can be more advertising to sell added to the Sina home page, but this design style is not the most reasonable, but Sina users love Sina, you can find what they need in the shortest time, so this design the style of sina is not too big.

but other new sites in the design, it is easy to imitate Sina, into the home page design errors. I and many designers through the ditch, they follow the Sina home page this design style, mainly for the following reasons:

this design style "atmosphere":

          when most of the industry to open a website, found the website packed with several screens, will find the content of this site is particularly much, especially like Sina and Sohu, the content is very much like a portal like and like a


        so to do, although it looks like a big site, looks a lot of content, everything is "look" or "like", it is not true. So its role is only a few friends do not understand the site to boast about you, deceive yourself. In addition, it does not have any benefit to your web site. Why?

1, wasted bandwidth:

              for a web page, the smaller the content, the faster the speed of the current broadband is very popular, but the IDC resources are getting more and more nervous. You imagine, 80% of the content of a web page is not enough to see the content of the user of the content of the 80%, then the contents of the accumulation of the contents of this page is a waste of bandwidth in the?

2, open slow

        we all know, the larger the page, the slower the opening speed. Sina is more content, open speed is also very fast, because Sina has a good server and bandwidth support. This requires a lot of cost to support.

        if your web design is very large, the opening speed will slow down, can not give the user pleasure, your site will appeal to the user’s decline in.

3, let users very convenient:

        Web page dense accumulation of lists of content, will make a new user dazzling irritable mood, but also affect the user cannot in the short time to find the most in need of their own content.


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