Weaknesses the personal website of the world

business model innovation

business purpose is to gain profits, but a completely for profit, all benefit oriented website can really develop into a good website? Was blindfolded, inevitably cannot see the wood for the trees. The interests of the moment is very superficial, only a long line to catch a big fish, long-term profitability is meaningful. As long as the user experience is good, the website will be popular, natural profit will come to me. Of course, one who will say, this is just empty words only, do not have anyone to do the. Therefore, if you can please others to see the website from time to time, with third of the perspective, objective comments. So these views must be user usually views and feelings, if you can do like this from the user perspective, the popularity of the website will be gone.

2. on the user experience, not to profit as the sole purpose of

1. have a unique style.Now the

Most of the

users now, not in the online world as global fine network veteran, even children as early as is the "network trendsetter", now in the Internet is extremely common in netizens what website form not seen? No matter how gorgeous appearance, but also to attract users to see the website "" only, doesn’t make friends into a real site. This point is certainly very important, but the core is not a site where. The core of a website, is always its concept and content. The quality of a web site, don >

Shanghai dragon ER started to join, and ran to the "start". The network business benefits, is convenient, fast, low cost. Many ER are Shanghai Longfeng start-up costs are almost very meager, therefore, personal website is the network business most frequent types of web sites. Small cost is a big advantage, but the personal website, according to the principle of economics, capital input and output ratio than the input and output of labor input would be more than a big disadvantage, so the cost is less personal website. Want to start a business to be successful, it must make a positive impact to maximize, and will reduce the negative effect to the minimum. On the development of the road we are very concerned about the personal website, the author summarized the following six points.

3. content is always more important than the form of

network business has been very common, so the same website, how to guarantee their talent shows itself in many sites? Of course is to have a creative. The most popular in the new century is the product of creative products, the market still has a creative, innovative products, from the nearby in a big success. For example, the school network (i.e. renren贵族宝贝) is one of the earliest launch of all the real name system, to the school as the main criteria for the classification of social networking sites, now popular in the country. After this, renren贵族宝贝 became the social platform for students "has been developed, there has never been a". The website is just being imitated all tooth ear, no creative nature there is no development.

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