Web page title does not appear or modify the phenomenon

to tell you the truth, many sites may occur and may be different, I do not solve your problem, so I hope that friends together to refuel, try to share solutions. Below I said my view:

4, decreased but modest, slowly falling

2, the website itself

does not display the full title, do not show the description, to view a snapshot of

4, Shanghai


third is the robots.txt problem, because in the above situation is met to view love Shanghai snapshots, so I suspect "

help you high hand

spider crawling number decreases, and the crawling page always that several pages


2, the snapshot is not updated, 7 days a

I don’t know what the teacher Cardiff is a situation in that CS202 station, so I BCWHY as follows:


, 1 space


3, included start to reduce

3, ROBOTS.TXT set error

5, Problem Description:

second is the site itself, the problem is the main structure of the site of such problems (may also have problems, mainly the URL jump) is a script or something, but Rongchao to study these things not deep so no more research, hope through the research of

then began to read it from the first point, the space problem, the problem I am very tangled why? Because I was only given by the teacher station Chev he server station is normal (some stations seem to be K) I am server station and I stand in the same situation that solve its own station the problem (I do not know if I was his influence or he influence me) so for the space I am very tangled, but this problem cannot be ignored. Oh, there is the problem of space velocity, personal feeling of the problem is relatively serious, when I visit cs202 on their computer is accessed very slow (possibly wiring problem or other problems) other space problems should not have much problems, if not mentioned we can continue to study.

is very happy and can bring a very valuable articles, this article originated in Shanghai Longfeng WHY teacher Cardiff in tackling the problems and technical research actually Rongchao before the blog has wrote this topic is just a discussion long before it has returned to normal, in order to make other friends detours here and I carefully introduce my situation. Before I have encountered such a problem, the website address is 贵族宝贝XXXX贵族宝贝 below


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