Today, why the chain would be so sensitive

in a lot of people do not realize the chain what when used, love Shanghai began to take a series of measures of punishment for the chain, especially from the beginning of June 2012. A series of updates are based on the back of the chain, so far the chain continues to update. So, now do Shanghai dragon, when the hair of the chain are overcautious, for fear of Baidu angry, some simply directly give up this part of the chain.

therefore, we need to drill this loophole, with Shanghai’s "true love judgment algorithm" is also a game machine, let love Shanghai think I do link is "sincere". The operation principle of the specific recommendation method is to imitate the general user, let love Shanghai feel every one of the chain are recommended for different users. For example, the anchor text to change frequently, species diversity, platform to appropriately increase the content page links, links appear in the different position, etc.. Of course, in order to facilitate their own planning and statistics, you must have its own strategy, from the time of distribution and distribution of keywords above all to make yourself aware that they did what.

Shanghai dragon is a popular culture that is outside the chain of persons in the world. In particular, the medical industry is outside the chain of masters, every day is the hair, even without the brain, pure manual operation, abruptly put the top ranking.

love Shanghai official is the fact that a principle: whether the user really recommend, this recommendation is a link to your site. The "heart" of the word, there are too many to think about where, for many small and medium-sized websites, also want to get active recommend others only a fairy tale. I think the use of technology to determine whether the "true" is the equivalent of a tell some fantastic tales, science and technology to capture the complex human emotions, which is more difficult.

Early Article

in Shanghai Longfeng classic books, with the chain in the whole ranking rate reached 60%, it is also a lot of people do a highlight of Shanghai dragon. Before the beginning of Shanghai dragon who usually start from the chain commissioner. Some did not engage in Shanghai dragon but understand Shanghai dragon people, such as bidding, the Shanghai Dragon said to be outside the chain.

so, why the chain has now become so sensitive? The chain can certainly do?. See below before, can go to love Shanghai official criteria for reference of the chain: love Shanghai webmaster College: talk about the chain judgment.

love Shanghai so long in fact tell the webmaster friends this information: the chain should be natural, depending on whether your site has quality content to let others spontaneous chain to you.


chain link failed, many people do not know how to do the Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon or feel dead, because before the importance of the chain like Wang Laoji’s advertising, engraved in Shanghai Longfeng people’s mind.

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