How to reduce the similarity of Substation




original love home initially due to less staff, in order to save manpower cost and achieve the effect of once, to update a substation, and other sites have also been updated, and the key update is the major branch of business information, by this mode of operation is a highly similar and the article corresponds to more than one domain name address, such as



Huian station snapshot time is obviously backward, but little is also included.


and Shishi Huian decoration mesh decoration network for 85%

if a site there is a similar page or repeat page will cause a fatal blow to the site a lot, about the website similarity on Wikipedia is explained: the similarity of two pages in 80% or more, the search engine is likely to be judged as plagiarism or copying the page page, so as not to be included, even right down delete. So we need to handle these pages, processing there are several ways, the author will to love acting as an example and analyze it is how to solve the similar problems of the site, want to give you a little inspiration. Love is an area of home decoration portal site, including its sub Jinjiang decoration nets (jj.***贵族宝贝), Shishi decoration network (ss.***贵族宝贝), Huian decoration mesh (ha.***贵族宝贝) with Similar Page Checker, the author of the major tools for similarity testing station.

network and Jinjiang Huian decoration decoration net 87%


The similarity between

network and the Jinjiang lions decorative decoration network similarity to 83%

test results from the above view, there has been a serious problem of high similarity, we see them a collection of



station has been K, and included the amount of little

JinJiang Railway Station snapshot time lagged behind, and it is also about


by comprehensive analysis, we can find love home in such a situation, an important reason is the problem of high similarity, there are other reasons, carefully study and consultation can also be found in a series of problems such as love home also has domain name bombing suspects and the content of this copy. Don’t do one analysis, look at how the author is on the high similarity of processing.

The similarity between

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