Discussion on the alternative money making method of Google advertising alliance

              Hello everyone, I am looking for you in the dream, I am very happy to share something with you, or that sentence. I like to find something, but I don’t like it. This time we want to share with you is an alternative to the GG advertising alliance to make big money. Many of my friends all know, do basic way to make money in three ways: 1 is to sell products, 2, is selling services, advertising is sold 3. The GG advertising is generally the first choice of the majority of the webmaster. After all, his highest price.

              in fact, here, I have not operated GG, I was a newcomer in the new. I can not get a lot of time, a time course. But I like to find out the possibility of some ways to make money. And the possibility of making money through my observation and thinking out a way to. If you feel good, you can go to operate, if it is not feasible, just look at it.

              here is still talking about the SEO, SEO said that I am complex and complicated that simple and simple. I have succeeded, I have failed. But the money thing is left to the powerful and dare to try friends. SEO’s ultimate goal is to want to do the word to make him the best search engine rankings. So choose a keyword is the most important thing to do. A lot of friends may ignore this point, it is very easy to do a keyword, and then do optimization, ranking. This is very wrong, in fact, rather than choose keywords, it is better to choose the direction of profit. You have to do what you have to figure out how to do the word ranking is profitable, and how much profit, investment and return to meet their own expectations.

              to profit is a webmaster do most things to consider before. Unless you do the ultimate purpose of the station is not to make money. Well, not to say that the site does not make money, and no meaning. There’s not much to say here. Talk about GG’s advertising alliance profit.

              is a lot of friends know, we often see GG ads on the site, for example, we go to Youku video network, there will be a lot of advertising. When these are regular stations. Our personal webmaster to operate up is very difficult and troublesome. We want to have a station to do traffic, is more difficult. Or very hard, or have to have money. This is not a thing of the past. Of course, there is a way is SEO. But the SEO to flow the fast way is leveraging.

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