Summary several ideas about the construction of the chain

The first point:


second: the chain increase rate of

chain description text

Hello I am in the A5 forum for a long time, but also learned a lot about Shanghai Longfeng support, simple share with you today my simple understanding of foreign chain.

selection is relatively high, we all know this, if it is relatively high new sites to find the PR site do friendship connection of words is generally not found. In this I suggest new sites in the absence of PR time can find similar sites, even if PR0 is also no problem. But the premise than to look at the quality Links exchange website with you. Don’t do with don’t change. Get traffic does not change by cheating.

fourth: the weight of the chain and persistent

The new general

don’t add much chain, enrich the content, the content of this fast and try to keep the original, if not original words at least to the original, the chain will slowly increase, but also to link the regularity of increasing gradually, generally a week plus a friendship connection is relatively stable personal experience. When the first PR update should have more than 10 Links. PR if l after PR can find some relatively high standing do connection, half a year and about 30 Links better. This time PR should be updated two times. Do stand words this time PR should be 2-3, then Links be slightly stopped. The chain can continue to increase, but remember to increase regularly.

Links and forum signature words suggest that agrees with a text description, because Links and forum signature are words of the prophet, and certainly not too much, but also with the form of too much efforts is not enough, only one is the best, but it must be a text description choose a good, general 2-3 contains a live keyword more appropriate, like "body art" of the text for the "customers" and "Japanese body art" and "human" these words are still helpful. I believe that everyone will understand what I mean by

with the friendPR

increase the chain in a variety of ways, including the mass. The soft. Links and so on, in this not list. But to find a relatively high weight, and long chain is not easy, through the exchange of Links can get higher weight with long, but Links is the first, I actually have a relatively simple approach, although the effect is not very fast, but I feel that as long as insist is the same. If you get 100 UBB signature of the forum, on the 10 day forum, find the essence of each forum posts to reply, but try not to irrigation yo oh, that would be harmonious. The 10 day after the 100 forum of each forum a elite post recovery operation before repeating after 10 days, only to restore the essence of post, "

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