Shanghai dragon how to do sprocket effect



3. "wheels" cut

estimates that there are a lot of stationmaster, the chain to the A blog B blog, B C chain, C chain A, well, you draw a circle, if the spider came here, it will be around the circle "movement", the spider is enclosed in your circle, it is very not friendly to search engines, and so experience is very poor, sometimes you can be released with a small gap, the spider to other places, it can not only make the search engine friendly, but also to expand the scope of the chain, Why not?

1. "wheels"

update 2. good habits

above is my recent experience some sprocket obtained, now for everyone to share, hope everyone can exhibitions. This article from the original TTleyuanbab, please indicate the link: maternal and child health tiantianle source Parenting Network 贵族宝贝health.leyuanbaby贵族宝贝/>

outside of the chain for the website as the house to have beams as important. We also know that the "love Shanghai focus on content, focus on the characteristics of noble baby chain". This article is to simply share some of my doing the sprocket, hope that we can discuss together.


many people will always do sprocket specific alignment of several key words to do, it is like in the search engine like provocation, you are telling him you do sprocket, this approach is no rough, you can choose keywords diversity to the sprocket, looks very natural. The search engine will not have trouble, so as to ensure the effectiveness of the sprocket.

5. to choose from a variety of "chain"

when I did my station, is a selection of free blog, Sina, blog and so on, relatively speaking, in fact have their own personal blog is better, because the free blog relatively low weight, and high weight blog in this article we put on the one-way links, help to improve the weight of our web site. So choose a good "wheel", or more important, personal conditions.

webmaster know, website content needs stable update, so it is the same for the sprocket. The content of the website needs to be updated every day, but also for the link,, rather than a simple blog, with links, the weights of the blog is not high, the chain effect is not good, the weight of the website will not increase. So develop a good habit of update is very important, do not need to replace the sprocket very frequently, select a time stable, is to see the effect, at the same time, we also have time to prepare, so as not to cause poor user experience.


Choose a good quality

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