PR 0 site exchange Links

in the process of exchange links, I also met the requirements of cross links. The cross link is the other party with a high PR site to your site links, the station requires you to give him a new site links, so to enhance weight both sites are helpful, the only drawback is to increase the inspection station Links workload, so in doing this link we need to carry out timely recording, to facilitate future query.

This paper consists of standard (>

Our website is:

first, because our site covers a wide range, so look for related industry is relatively easy, but because of the particularity of our website, when the site keywords and send to each other, Adsense tend to say there is no correlation between our website, then I will according to each keyword query on our website, search the relevant industry standards, and then put the URL to send to each other, so as to dispel each other for the correlation between anxiety. For example: looking for "help in network", I put on our website for decoration, paint standard to each other, so we established a correlation between the two sites, eliminate the webmaster search engine punishment doubts.

of course, here we want to exchange links have emboldened, because we are a new PR 0, but we insist on every day in the update site, improve the site’s ranking, but we are waiting for the noble baby a new round of PR updates, so give a PR for 0 webmaster are not be discouraged, I believe only through our efforts, good friends of the chain will be, PR is there.

standard network, the current site of PR is 0, the love of Shanghai included 40 thousand and 7, the day’s snapshot update. Believe that they all know that PR is a quantitative evaluation of the standard nobility baby website quality, so in exchange links PR has become the most attention to the webmaster, but we must not put the PR as the evaluation of a website only basis. These days I’m also looking for Links to the site, through their own efforts to change a link, in the process of the exchange links because we PR is low, so we put it as a secondary factor. Below I summarize and share your experience.

then, because we PR low so we to the other site PR requirements on the line is reduced, but other aspects of website quality is that we are absolutely not ignored. The US is the updated snapshot every day and the number of around 100, so to find the suitable site snapshot query the necessary steps, even if a site PR is again high, but not often update half a year is not a small spider web site, even if the link quality is not high. The other is to search for a number of engines and we must consider, of course this is to analyze specific issues, corporate websites and information platform of the website is not comparable. The website ranking is to > = standard network, so as to improve the value of the link.

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