Why is K site analysis and how to recover the weight

1, website content quality, the quality is not very good, the inside pages of the user experience, users browse to the page, not to offer what he wants, to the user in the course of time, with the increase of the number of close, it means that the inside pages of the user experience to do the poor

3, the title and site correlation, modify title, modify more to attract users to click is correct, but can not ignore the internal correlation between title and website, can’t cry up wine and sell vinegar

4, website template text, each page and each page has many of the same places, such as navigation, copyright, list menu etc.. These places are most likely to be the webmaster, with keywords, will become what we say, the transition to optimize the


5 server, often not open, or the server response time very long, will affect the love of spiders in Shanghai a score for your site. Can go to the website of the ISS server log, see is not a problem! Don’t in order to save costs, to buy cheap server, if you need to show up the network to buy Beijing, Jiuxianqiao, Zhongguancun server! Small delay, to love Shanghai spider crawling with some of the facilities, because of the love of Shanghai spiders most of them in the Beijing area

, the page is K, only the home page:

long ago their website was K. It can be very anxious, so everywhere to find information, tips can be summed up the following rapid recovery. The site was K, divided into two kinds of K method, first, the page is K, second, left home! Home page is the K! The show network give you a detailed explanation of the

K method is light, is the search engine find you cheating, but make good is not very serious! Of course, the K method, the recovery is also simple! Is generally considered to be some cheating:


1 site of transition, there are some hidden keywords, the optimization should be moderate, not anxious

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2, the content is collected, in order to achieve the task of the company, to a large number of collected articles, this method is not desirable, a good article, the weight of the other pages have a positive effect.

two, the home page is K:

3, every two or three days to change the title, change some always attract users to click on the title, however, such correlation is poor and the title page. It is also referred to as the title of the party, will greatly reduce the user experience


2, website pages connected home page or topic page back to the chain at the bottom, no reason to accumulate a lot of keywords

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, 6, of course, there is a little detail, reason, love is the Shanghai server itself, however, this possibility is very small

! ! Optimization of

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