With the ranking to improve website traffic needs overall view

: 3) the construction of the chain is.

2): site keywords within the chain direction is not without brain insertion led to the ranking page overwhelmed;


, however, is not placed in those every day before you can the original presentation of the Commissioner, you are facing a group of only second " as the chief occupation; city " and their site included tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, the numbers in their eyes may be just the beginning. Their index is a sparse and large network, when you like in a page ranking ahead of his time, but he never put you as a rival. Every time the acquisition time every day on the day of advertising, advertising the position and influence on the bounce rate, this is what they do every day.

: 1) recently did not appear to copy a lot of collecting;

most of the time, overnight ranking a thousand miles to go, second days to see and feel helpless at a loss to flow the crazy looking, webmaster forum clues, but have the same answer. At this time an indifferent state of mind is obviously very important. If you are confident that your site is no problem, it is not black signs such as the following:

do you dare to love Shanghai, the total number of index data, but you must know that there are N article is reproduced without brain, more N+1 article is the simple pseudo original out. Yes, there is only sporadic station included, ranking also do very well, the user experience is good, the bounce rate is low, the quality is quite high, like a small, dense nets.

Shanghai dragon and the rankings do are proportional to the ranking of the rules is also very obvious, so do a station should pay attention to what

cheating are often fatal, and irreparable. The black hat means also see light die, especially in love Shanghai so pay attention to the user experience today, repeatedly update ranking rules but also on the black hat Shanghai dragon continues to deny. In fact, this means only for the love of Shanghai ranking rules, quickly enhance their ranking exploit. For example, you can deny actually pseudo original is a regular Shanghai dragon means, but the degree of differences in people’s acceptance of different.

1: more than quality – is important, or the important point of

Shanghai dragon is a sensitive word, especially for people who know how to optimize, every time the word of Shanghai dragon, small picture of Alt tag, to the construction site outside the chain, he read or his summary of the Shanghai dragon rules is always so in the circumstances, however, when facing the Shanghai dragon ranking especially in the face of Baidu today is still subject to changing moods, "the city will play".

For the results of the optimization methods ?

2: learn to never use black hat Shanghai Dragon – black hat to complement each other, with just soft

3: – attached to his persistent

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