The three key elements of the establishment of the enterprise

The first is the content of the website

is the second web design. The visual organ than other sensory organs is relatively developed, relying on visual access external information information accounted for 70% of the total, human memory is mostly strong visual information received. General visitors to browse web pages of words, first of all to remember is shown by the design of "image, so it is best to design a unique, clear and understandable" image.

website content, web design and website is the establishment of the enterprise.

network information era, in the face of the fast pace of urban life demand, the traditional sales have obvious bloated, smart companies began to grasp the era lifeline, turned to the Internet, the network as a breakthrough in the development of enterprises.


want to improve the site conversion rate, optimization of website content is also a key point. But there are many sites in Shanghai dragon Er filler content on the site accidentally fill a little attention, think the content of the website will be accomplished, daily updates to the site are not very concerned about; the Shanghai dragon Er thought site as long as the number of updates more likely to be included in the greater of the collected more so, copy and paste others blindly. In fact, these ideas are wrong, optimization of website content should pay attention to three points: one is the website needs to inject new content every day, the second is the content of the original, the third is the content correlation. The search engine also love original content, high quality content more favored.

. The content of the website is not only a key site visitors attention, attention points but also all kinds of search engines, website content is filled are generally launched around the enterprise positioning and its main products or services. Optimization of website content not only affects the search engine spiders crawling, ranking and weight related website, but also directly affect the site visitor’s desire to buy.


The three elements of the overall function of

website design including the website color matching, the overall architecture design and so on, the overall image of the site plays a decisive role, not only determines the first impression of the website visitors will also affect the included website. Today, the site of homogenization more serious, want to have a "suck marketing website gold suction eye", will be in the web design effort. Take now more fire "website anchor" for example, it can fire up, because it is to break the traditional "a pile of words by ponderous mode, out of a new way of marketing.

website as the Internet enterprises in the market "window", plays an important role in shaping the brand image of enterprises. The establishment of enterprise website, is an important way for enterprises in the network era in the corporate arena to show their strength and seek development, especially in the fierce competition in the digital information era, it is imperative to establish their own enterprise website. So, we should pay attention to what the problem? First we should know is one of the three elements of the establishment of the enterprise.

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