The search engine how to judge the website of Shanghai dragon cheating

recently love Shanghai update on Shanghai Longfeng studied very strict, many of the station was drop right, site: is not the first, website snapshot of the back phenomenon, although my station is not serious, but a lot of keywords ranking has declined in recent years, some of my words have been guaranteed in the before three, now suddenly dropped a lot, some say the daily operation is not standard, some say a lot of cause, some say love Shanghai recent adjustment, a good, no matter what the reason is, why do some sites ranked no change, some rankings and improved, the reason is still we own, affirmation and optimization of relationships may establish external links also exist some problems, but from their own first crawl, I feel my station, some suspected of cheating The suspect, below I say let search engine operation we identified some cheating, including Shanghai and noble love baby, I hope to help you.

fourth: the ALT attribute can increase the text density, the ALT attribute is to open the website pictures >


second accumulated a lot of this is easy to occur in the title and keywords, described above, in order to increase the frequency of keywords, we all know the place is very important, so it can be accumulated a lot, some repeat more than 3-4, the place itself shows is not easy, is cheating, and more I was to be treated is accumulated, not a word, too fake, must be punished, as well as in the content area, said some bandy words, the design of the actual web station so I am deliberately, do a lot of text and anchor text, there are many copyright there, to their own website the link has also recently tried several such measures now will not have much effect, but also very dangerous, now Shanghai punishment great love.

third: the use of styles to set the text, color, size, love can crawl to Shanghai, but visitors can not see, this approach is too low, there is no meaning in this way, a few years ago OK, now in use that is retarded.

is the first to say a lot of cheating methods and noble love Shanghai baby, domain name, bomb factory, intercept PR, link keywords accumulation, the domain name will jump and so on, anyway, a lot, I said some of the common phenomenon, first love Shanghai.

: first add content independent code in the page, such as a large number of the anchor point, point to the same site, making the site look very natural, love Shanghai after the crawl will think we do link on purpose, will be a serious impact on the front page of the site, in the research of K will be off or drop right, this is our Shanghai dragon often do, such as to the rapid increase of the chain, we will go to the forum or other place to release the soft, often do not have the optimal site of many soft Wen wrote, but the connection will have all sorts of love, now Shanghai began to be aware of this aspect of liquid crystal.

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