Change a link aimed at imperceptible Links flicker Art

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, for example, if your site is PR 3, now a man said his website is legal compliance PR5, love Shanghai snapshot normal website, he wants to change the link and you, you checked with webmaster tools, found that as he said, this will link to you change?! I believe you will change, because you think this site than your high weight, you earn

Links flicker method? Personally, must pay attention to the time, after the change of the link, especially for the WWW without top-level domain links, a >

now, why is this so? Don’t start looking out? Indeed, this is not easy to see, because now we change the link used directly with the webmaster tools to check, check PR, check check included snapshot. Unfortunately, if you check in the webmaster tools is not with the WWW domain name, then check out PR and WWW with the same PR value, which included check out is the domain name all included, including two domain names, including domain name with WWW, snapshot check out is a snapshot with WWW domain name. In this way, you will know why I was fooled, because the query through the webmaster tools, there is no problem in this website, all included PR, snapshot etc..

You will ask

if I ask a person to do for a long time Shanghai dragon, you can exchange Links? He will laugh at me, because he will want to change Links who will not ah?! add some links for the QQ group, to link exchange platform to find, as long as the conditions are right, not directly changed OK, what is the difficulty? Yes, what difficulty does not change link, but the following a relatively advanced Links flicker method, I believe there must be a veteran Links exchange field will see gasped, to carefully check on their website, there is no such connection. Because although the author from 2008 began to change link, before still be fooled again. Which way? Here is a detailed

So how to prevent the

well, you have to believe that heaven will never fall, even if it is a small pie, will not fall. If you drop it, it may be a stone, it is likely to hit you. Links for this thing is the same reason. A few days ago I was looking for a change link, such as in the previous paragraph, I am very happy and he changed, is a top-level domain. But today I suddenly found that the website PR5, www top-level domain name and WWW without a top-level domain is quite different in the two sites, and I changed the domain name with WWW, then I found that I change this without the WWW top-level domain, was a new station in Shanghai, because the love inside site you will find that all love Shanghai included, no one is with www. That is to say, the other with a new station, a change of my PR3, site br3.

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