HCC how to make new Shanghai recording and continuous collection of love

how to make the site was recorded first, love Shanghai faster, your site is hung up? Of course, should have no dishes and so far the webmaster webmaster enthusiasts. HCC always think this spider is very humane, but also need to pay the feelings to seduce spider to read your website data. Therefore, in order to love Shanghai site is included can start from the following aspects, of course, there is no guarantee that your site will be included.

(5) to improve the quality of the web page.

(1) to submit your site to love Shanghai.

here Links, of course it is friendship, friendship and help. Let your webmaster friends give you some good friendship let them help you hang a link to what. Of course, now how much of this friendship, only you know.

when I wrote this, don’t you think it’s cheating. How can a just on the website to link to

love love Shanghai spider more high quality ", so the page content is best original article. You can also say, others collection articles can be included is very good, but also very row >


network spiders can crawl down "HTML, Doc, PDF, pictures, multimedia, dynamic web pages and other formats. These documents crawled down after the need to extract information from the text, these documents in relative terms, Doc, PDF and other documents are easier to extract than HTML, pictures, multimedia documents, static web page extraction more easily than the dynamic web page.

(3) to each page with the text and related topics.


for the web page title set must be guaranteed in the title and text related keywords, if the web site home page, the title is the best name or company website, if the rest of the page, is the best title of the text extraction. Don’t have too many useless words. Because the show is in love with the word limit of the sea.

‘s love of spiders in Shanghai has the human nature, the reason is only the love of Shanghai will be included with the user experience of the website or web search. Give each page with the title, no doubt that in order to meet the people’s reading habits, which is often the first to see whether the title of interest, and then decide whether to read the contents.

(4) is most easily extracted form ".

general, network spider site in 1–4 weeks for you to respond by. This is the most direct method, but is not effective because I don’t know, I have never submitted this.

(2) Links.

love Shanghai website submission website: 贵族宝贝baidu贵族宝贝/search/url_submit.html.

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