Another idea to make the chain effect is better than the temptation of violence

is now a fickle society need to be cleaned up we look, some decadent ideas start >

of course there are some such as Brazil football violence workers through the mass flow optimization, Shanghai dragon chain optimization software to engage in violence, there is toil diligently to optimize workers, each big web site outside of the chain can send carefully to send some related articles, but these two kinds of methods for the premise of the increasingly rapid pace of life today next, want to improve the chain really is not easy, so I think that the chain, the temptation is more important than violence, here is to discuss methods to build links about the temptation.

! Master turned to the controversial topic

when you want to create the temptation of the link, first you have to dress up, at least let yourself look very good to hear or see, from the essence is to help others, then sort out the useful resources is obviously a good tool, in fact we are now posted on the A5 article, especially some tutorial classes the article, often can let other webmasters reproduced, this is because the content can indeed help to others, can be useful to other sites. In addition a few years ago, a push founder Jiang Likun finishing can send the chain resources, has been widely reprinted and cited, these resources for Shanghai Longfeng optimization field is extremely important, natural to the temptation to discerning webmaster.

this is the optimal task of half finished, and before may be a part of it, is a little different. But now the search engine outside chain quality requirement is high, the original chain, such as not related to the forum signature links are basically not record the weight, which led to the now the chain is like a beauty, for many Shanghai Longfeng optimization workers into a far view and not play

, keen to capture the news links temptation

, who said the news grassroots webmaster can not be found to carry guns, holding a gun to the scene of the news to catch, because some news itself can be inferred, such as when Alipay entered the train ticket payment system, some owners keen to capture the Alipay network gold melts, and speculated that Alipay will pay the balance of interest to attract savers, and sparked heated debate, because many experts do not agree with Alipay finance, after all, very strong domestic financial barriers. But it is also the case, when Alipay launched the balance of treasure, still have great prediction to the relevant departments will find the trouble for Alipay, indeed, jumped out of commission.


two, others


so, high quality news for webmasters is not difficult to write, the key to see the station with the industry for the heart, if you work hard, you will have material, can let the news writing style, perpendicular and horizontal, write others think, cause the resonance of the others, so the news worry does not have the temptation of

finishing resource temptation

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